Sunday, January 6, 2008

Free Stuff!

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. Between job stuff and registering for classes and fighting with the financial aid at my college, I had been too wiped to pen out a decent article.

Recently in the mail, I received an offer from my bank (Bank of America) for a free 1 GB Video MP3 player. Reading the fine print very clearly and thoroughly, it says that I’ll be subscribed to CompleteHome for free for the first 30 days, and then after the first 30 days, my Bank of America credit card will be charged $139.99 for the yearly subscription. If I don’t want to be charged after my 30 days, just cancel the free trial before the 30 days is up (30 days starting from when you receive your membership kit), and the MP3 player is still mine to keep.

Free Mp3 player, guys! Woo hoo! That has sparked this post on other cool free stuff that YOU can get too!

Start Sampling

Start Sampling is a website with plenty of free samples and offers. It is completely free to sign up, and you’ll take a moment to do this little profile quiz thingy to see which samples you can take advantage of. I haven’t gotten around to doing any offers yet, but have already requested my free samples.

Just Free Stuff

Oh, how I love Just Free Stuff. I check back at the website regularly to see what’s been added, and I also signed up for the newsletter to get their dailies. Most of the free stuff they offer on the site doesn’t require you to participate in completing offers. Its just a simple easy form on the company’s website, wait about 4-8 weeks for delivery, and voila – free stuff in your mailbox! If you sign up for stuff almost every day like I do, in about two months time, expect to be getting free samples and goodies in your mailbox every day!

Fab Free

Fab Free is a website like Just Free Stuff. It’s a directory of free offers and samples, and they tend to link to the same offers and samples, but there’s also offers that only JFS has and offers that only Fab Free has (or so I have seen). You can also sign up for their newsletter as well to get a daily newsletter of new free stuff that you can request.

Free Stuff Times

I found this one over at Frugal For Life under the Free Stuff section. It has links to free stuff that these other sites don't have and they even post pictures of the stuff they have received. Plenty of t-shirts and stickers and samples. This is quickly becoming one of my free stuff favorites.

If I come across any other free offers or websites, I’ll post about them too. If you can any recommendations, please feel free to share them.


~Dawn said...

Make sure you mark your calendar to call your bank and cancell a couple days/week early to not be charged that 139.99

But cool beans on the free Ipod!

Denise Robinson said...

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