Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas = Slow

The upcoming holidays are really throwing off my work schedule. I could only manage to get three appointments today, luckily it was local. The first appointment turned out to be a dud (couldn't help them), the second appointment I got blew off at the door, and I can't find the third house even though I've been up and down the road for half an hour. I tried calling also, but no answer. What a shame.

And business is slow too. No one wants to buy anything because they're worried about the holidays. Life insurance is a great gift, folks. Trust me.

Went to admissions today. They're finally processing my application, FinAid is finally processing the money stuff, and my favorite faculty member in the entire world is now the administrative assistant in Admissions and wants me to work with her next semester and over the summer! So I'll be getting another job next month! Go me.

School+ Work + Work. It seems like high school all over again when I worked two jobs and went to school all day. I love it. Love being busy.

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