Tuesday, December 4, 2007


I work in your typical cubicle job. I sit at a desk with a telephone and note cards and papers. I call people on the phone all day. I schedule appointments to come see them, speak to them, and try to sell to them. I work in the Senior's division of a major insurance company. I am an insurance agent.

I just started though. This is my second week at the job. Do I like my job? Sure. Hell with fluorescent lights, then? Not necessarily. Its just what I call every cubicle job.

This blog is more of a personal blog than a work-related blog. I'll post things about my life, but since my job takes up roughly 12 hours a day out of my daily life, a majority of this will pertain to my job. Expect post about technology, gadgets, gizmos, movies, tv shows, what I want for Christmas, recipes, money, etc. It's a catch-all, you poor readers.


LAVA said...

Hey it's YOUR blog so post whatever you want.

My blog started about me wearing contact lenses and changed into how I save money. I occasionally have posts in there that have nothing to do with money.

Just keep writing and people will come.

Thanks for linking to my blog.

Kris Hughes said...

Hi Meg

I wanted to repay for you commenting on my mindTreasure blog :)

Anyway, your blog looks really interesting. I am a freebie/discounts whore. Although I'm in the UK so some things wont apply the same to me.

Keep blogging and commenting (on other blogs) and it will become real popular.

Good luck ;)